Engraving is the oldest technique of glass decorating. Originally, the motif was manually scraped with a diamond point. From the 17th century on, rotating wheels of various sizes and shapes have been used. The most demanding type is engraving by copper discs (“copper engraving”) to which the abrasive material in oil emulsion is applied. More commonly used technique is engraving by carborundum or sandstone discs (so called “sliding engraving”). We cooperate with engraving master craftsmen such as Arno Čančík or Lubomír Žúbor. We have a portable engraving machine. Therefore; we can present live engraving anywhere indoors or outdoors. The „Engraving Show” is an attractive yet intimate experience. It can liven up a social, cultural or sporting event. We can engrave any type of motif at your desire. Everybody can bring an attractive present home with them.

There is no language or age barrier; everyone can try engraving and create something. We have livened up the atmosphere of a golf tournament or a “fund-raising dinner” of a prestigious private school.

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