Glass bonding

Traditional manual glass blowing is a magical process. The glowing apertures of glass furnaces resemble the “gorges of hell”, the molten silica sand looks like volcanic lava, the sweat-covered glass blower gives form to the glowing material by his own breath, his blowpipe resembles a musical instrument and the precisely coordinated movements of all the glass makers, their communication through gestures, looks or tapping their feet is nothing short of dance.

We use the world renowned and unique production facilities of the glassworks in Nový Bor and its surroundings. There is no other place with such concentration of glass factories. This gives us the opportunity to produce almost anything from glass and deliver it to our customers in a very short time. We cooperate with large glassworks as well as with small family businesses. Each job order requires a specific approach. We supervise the glass blowing process from consultancy about the mould, through the supervision of the glass makers’ work itself, to inspections of the cooled-down material which we take over and further process it. We would be honoured to organise your visit in one such glass works where you may even try glass blowing if you like.