Art deco

We love art deco, nonchalant styl, elegance and the atmosphere of the period from 20s to 40s of the last century. Czechoslovak glass at that time was considered among the best in the world and helped shape the interior and industial design concept. As one of few in the world we can offer you replicas of crystal art deco flacons. Each flacon and decorative stopper is hand-blown into original metal form and carefully cut in the same quality as the originals you know from old movies.
We work with two individual, but very interesting styles, typical for czechoslovak glass of this period. One of them is Nový Bor glass and the other one is toilet glass from Jablonec nad Nisou area. Nový Bor glass was unique by the way of its creation and inspirational sources. The raw material was mostly blown in big glass processing factories and the glass was then grinded, engraved or painted in local small private glassworks. Globally unique is also the inspiration by emerging progressive style, cubism. Wide range of vases, ashtrays, jars, decanters and liqueur sets was a typical attempt of modernity, which was expressed, for example, by using the themes of jazz music, trends in clothing, etc. Jablonec toilet glass on the other hand had its inspiration in France (Baccarat, Lalique Daum …), but quickly made its way through by its own production.