Barbara Nanning

An Amsterdam based artist Barbara Nanning is one of the outstanding artists whose works are appreciated all over the world.

The organic shapes of her glass or ceramic objects or monumental interior installations are inspired by the nature. Barbara herself leads the hand of the glass blower, shapes the hot molten glass, spends hours patiently explaining to the glass grinders how to treat every square centimetre of the surface and how to form the transition of edges. Some of her objects are decorated by a unique technology of placing several layers of pure plated gold.

Her most recent art project titled Eternal Spring is a concept that works with floral motifs. The objects of fanciful glass flowers are solitary items. However; dozens of individual pieces form a huge glass garden which impresses by the imaginativeness of its author and technically challenging way of creation. We have been cooperating with Barbara since 2001 and have shared every applause, artistic challenge or potential failure.